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Lord of the Rings RereadA Conspiracy Unmasked

"You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin - to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours - closer than you keep it yourself. But you cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word. We are your friends, Frodo. Anyway: there it is. We know most of what Gandalf has told you. We know a good deal about the Ring. We are horribly afraid - but we are coming with you; or following you like hounds."

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Palma apartment refurbishment - Palma de Mallorca, Spain - 2012 - Vila Segui Arquitectos

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The refurbishment of the apartment was driven by the need for a gut renovation due to the poor state of the existing condition, which had been abandoned for several years. The renovation had explicit economic restrictions.

Queen Anne Loft | WAV

Queen Anne Loft | WAV

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make me choose inarmsofcastiel asked: legolas or pippin?

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orlando bloom on set

 orlando winning the mtv movie award for best fight. ◡‿◡✿

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